lug in your game controller and use the analog stick to control your character. Press a button to swing your sword. Hold down a button to keep swinging your sword in circles.

Keyboard controls (arrow keys, space, 'z') or gamepad.

Get the highest score you can without being killed!

As always I ran out of time to do the things I wanted. There's no loot. It sucks.

Written in ClojureScript in 10 days for April Lisp 2017 Gamejam By Crispin Wellington

graphics by Buch:

Source code:

Developed with the InfiniteLives ClojureScript game framework: in particular:

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Play on

More fun with an analog gamepad!

Runs best in Chrome

Release date Apr 24, 2017
Code licenseEclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL)
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)