A modern remake of the 1982 arcade classic, Time Pilot.

Plug in your game controller and use the analog stick to control the direction of your ship. Press a button to shoot. Blast wave after wave of enemies until the mothership appears. Then blast it out of existence to move forwards in time to the next wave.

Collect stranded parachuting pilots along the way for bonus points. Avoid enemy bullets and missiles and stay on your toes. And don't crash into the mothership!

Start with biplanes and blimps, move through helicopters and chinooks, onto jet fighters and B52 bombers, into the era of stealth and then beyond into the future!

Extra lives at 10,000 and 60,000 points, and then every 50,000 after that.

Written in ClojureScript in 10 days for August Lisp 2016 Gamejam

Source code: https://github.com/retrogradeorbit/cloud-fighter

Developed with the InfiniteLives ClojureScript game framework: https://infinitelives.github.io/ in particular: https://github.com/infinitelives/infinitelives.pixi

Play on github.io: https://retrogradeorbit.github.io/cloud-fighter/

Definitely play with an analog gamepad!

(its much, much harder to play with the keyboard)

Runs best in Chrome

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